The agency Marietta Andreae Public Relations GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 2000 by Marietta Andreae in Hamburg, is specialised in developing individual concise concepts for presentation.

Strategic PR- and press activities with strong personal aspects guarantee national and international clients to be positioned in the appropriate media and to reach the ideal target group.

The agency puts great emphasis on not simply presenting a product but on transmitting atmosphere. Projects, developed in tight collaboration with the client, carry a very personal handwriting.

The agency works with national and international companies and is specialised in the domains of arts, culture, fashion, lifestyle and luxury goods.

Excellent national and international relations with important artists and noteworthy personalities of different backgrounds including cultural, economical, political, social, as well as with mediarepresentatives support the efficient collaboration with clients and press. The agency's international network and client portfolio always lead to new interesting synergies.